May Pet of the Month: Dudley!

Hi everyone, I’m Dudley!  Studley Dudley to some.  A little bit about me… My mom rescued me five years ago when I was just puppy (best day of my life) and we’ve been snuggle buddies ever since.  I can’t say no to a belly rub.  My favorite food is chicken YUM and sometimes I’ll have it with eggs and kale, yes I’m a true LA dog I enjoy chasing away those pesky squirrels and playing with toys that make noises.  I love going places but the car ride isn’t my favorite part.  I’m a pretty easy going fella but in my old age I’ve decided that I have to live my life the way I want to. 

 Mom says I’m stubborn but I just know what I want.  And I want to sleep more. Don’t get me wrong I love wandering about on my walks but I’d prefer if those walks would happen after 10am.  I am pretty well trained too.  I love snacks and toys so I do a lot for them.  Mom is still working on brushing on my teeth but that’s where I draw the line.  How bad can my breath be really? 

 People like to rub me because my fur is so soft and I can’t complain… I’ll take all the pets I can get!! I like to sleep as close as possible to mom so it’s a good thing I have this fluffy coat to keep her comfortable.  I like just about everybody- even the little humans that cry a lot and me very interesting.  They like my plush fur too and a belly rub is a belly rub no matter how big the hand!  It’s always exciting when my CCLA walkers come and hang out with me.  They are my good friends and we have fun together.  My dream day would include lots of chicken, walking with my friends and hanging out on my grandparents’ patio with my mom.  That’s my favorite spot to hang out and still be close to my favorite humans.   

 I enjoy my routine and like to keep things the way they are.  What’s not to love?  Although I could probably use a couple more belly rubs and 10 more minutes cuddling with mom.  I’m so glad my mom adopted me and teaches me things and lets me smooth against her.  If you ask me I am living the dream! 


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