What Food Should You Feed Your Dog??

With so many different dog food brands and varieties picking out your dog’s meals can be daunting.  Of course, every dog’s nutritional needs are unique and so are their taste buds.  Finding the perfect balance between nutrition and something your dog will actually eat is tricky.  There are three main options when it comes to types of food for your dog: dry, canned or dehydrated.  If your dog is picky, experimenting is key to finding the right food or even combination of foods. 

Dry food is used most commonly for its convenience.  Sometimes it’s nice to put a cup of kibble in the bowl and let your dog take their time eating.  It’s easier to store and can be less expensive than wet food.  If your dog is a grazer and you need to give them hours to finish dry food is a great option! If kibble is your go-to make sure it has quality ingredients and proper nutrition for your pup.  Dry food is carbohydrate heavy and can have added preservatives and food colorings, which is something to take into consideration for your pet. 

Wet food, or canned food, tends to be a favorite amongst our furry friends.  It tastes better because the ingredients, like meat, are closer to their natural state.  Wet food can help a dog that needs some hydration with their meal.  It also is better for dogs with dental issues as it is easier to chew.  In general, canned foods have more protein, natural fats and are more filling.   

Dehydrated dog food is growing in popularity.  It uses a drying process to remove moisture keep food fresh for a long time.  Dehydrated food may seem complicated but all you need to do is add some warm water and dinner is served!  Dehydrated food can be a healthier option because it is not as processed as canned or dry food so it keeps more nutrients.  It is also easy to store and takes up little space.  Once water is added the food expands so only a small amount is necessary for each feeding.  The shelf life is great and it is the best way to hydrate your dog through food.  Dehydrated food can be expensive but remember a little goes a long way when it comes to this food. 

Before deciding on what food to give your dog look into what they need nutritionally and find a food based on that.  If they should be eating dehydrated food but only want kibble, try a compromise!  We have seen just about everything when it comes to feeding dogs.  A little bit of kibble, little bit of water, little bit of wet food, little bit of chicken, you name it… we’ve seen it.  Especially as your dog ages it’s vital they get the nutrients they need so whatever combination works!  

Do you have a picky eater?  We want to know what works for your dog and how you figured it out!

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