Dog Friendly Workplaces

We are pretty lucky here at Canine Companion LA; dogs aren’t just tolerated in the workplace, they are required!  For everyone else that isn’t a dog walker or pet sitter leaving your dog while you go off to work in an office all day can be difficult.  Of course we are here to help and make sure your pets are taken care of while you’re gone, but you still miss them!  Dog friendly workplaces are becoming more popular around the nation as people work longer hours and want to have their furry family members alongside them.   

Dogs in the workplace can be beneficial to everyone as they bring companionship, happiness and more social interactions.  Besides who wouldn’t love to show off their adorable pooch to all their coworkers?  The bring-your-dog-to-work trend is growing but it’s still new territory.  To be competitive landlords are accepting dogs in their spaces but the rules are all new.  What happens if your dog barks too much?  What if your dog isn’t well-behaved enough?  Most owners know their dogs well enough to decide if they would do well in an office environment but those that don’t, owners reserve the right to not welcome certain dogs back.  Check out Forbes list of the 12 most pet-friendly companies to work for.  And what about those people that don’t like dogs or are allergic?  That’s a whole other ball game!  There are still lots of kinks for companies and landlords to work out as more dogs are heading off to work. 

If you’re looking for a new career you can specify on job search engines for pet-friendly opportunities and you may be surprised what you find!  Needless to say we support this growing trend as we believe it’s better for humans and dogs!  Dogs are social animals that enjoy company even if that means laying under a desk by your feet.  If your dog gets along with other dogs in the office its a play day for them and entertaining for humans to be around!  Do you work in a dog-friendly environment or know someone who does?  We want to hear feedback about this growing scene so tell us about your experiences!  

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