May Pet of the Month: Larry!

HI There! My name is Ye Lady Larry from South El Lay, but you can call me Larry! I’m a seven-year-old female yellow lab and I don’t mean to toot my own horn but I’m pretty fabulous! I know what you’re thinking… Larry… a lady? Well, originally my name was Lady but my new parents…

The BEST Way to Protect Your Dog From a Rattlesnake

Did you know dogs are 20 times more likely to be bitten by a rattlesnake than humans are? Rattlesnake bites can be deadly for pets, extremely painful, expensive to treat and can cause damage even if they survive. That’s why it’s important to know as much as you can about rattlesnakes and how to help…

The Goldilocks Walk! Why This One May be Just Right

Are 30-minute walks too short for your dog? Is the hour walk just a little bit too long? Well we are proud to introduce our new Goldilocks walk: A 45-minute walk to fit perfectly right between our other walks (priced right in the middle as well). Clients just recently started asking for this new time-slot….

Here comes the SUN! And the rattlesnakes!!!! YIKES


Sidewinders and Western Diamondbacks and Southern Pacifics, oh my! This is just an example of 3 of the 10 different types of rattlesnakes found in California! With summer just around the corner we can expect sunshine, heat and … rattlesnakes. That’s right, when the weather warms up the snakes come out to play. As a…

April Pet of the Month: Bear!

cute dog, happy dog, pack hike, flat coated retriever

Howdy! My name’s Bear and I’m an all-black Flat Coated Retriever! I was born alllll the way in Ohio but came to sunny California when I was just a teeny weenie little guy (see photo below of my teeny weenie-ness). Mom and Dad tell me I’m my Uncle Coal’s nephew (he was their first Flat…

We’re on Angie’s List!

Angie's List, recommendations, reviews

Canine Companion LA is now LIVE on Angie’s List! Similar to Yelp, Angie’s List offers a way for people to get to find and learn about great businesses by way of photos and client reviews! Since we just got on the bandwagon, we need your help to stand out! Share your PAWsome dog walking, pet…

Kitties of the Month!

Pet of the Month, Cat of the Month, Kittens, foster kittens

Well, hello there! We’re Sydney (aka Princess Fluffy to you) and Hobart, the two cutest kitties in all the land of Los Angeles and beyond, but we know you’ve probably already guessed that! The names Sydney and Hobart come from Mom’s most favorite cities in Australia (she used to live there)! Mom tells us that…

“Where you at?” Nextdoor!


Live local to Canine Companion LA? Let people know on Nextdoor! What is Nextdoor? Nextdoor is a website that connects neighbors and your community to professionals! We have several local and PAWsome clients who have given us a shout out on the website, if you’d like to share the love check out our profile here:…

Welcome, Zuri!

Pet Sitter, dog walker, dog hiker, pocket pitbull, team member

Rescue mom? Check. Handling 20+ dogs at a time? Check. Dog groomer? Check. Zuri’s a doggie day care associate by night and a Canine Companion LA team member by day! Zuri’s great experience is coupled with her upbeat attitude, what a PAWsome fit! Find out more about her here:

Welcome, Demetrius!

dog walker, pet sitter, dog hiker

Demetrius is new to the CCLA crew! Over the years, he’s grown up with the tiniest and largest dog breeds! Want to get acquainted? Read more about him here: