About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a leader in personalized pet care by developing family bonds with our customers and their pets through individualized, loving, compassionate and knowledgeable pet care.

Our Core Values

At Canine Companion LA, we provide a safe, high quality, tailored experience for each of your four-legged family members. We develop weekly routines to let them enjoy the fresh air and sunshine through exercise, socialization hikes and play. We partner with you to provide your pets with a well rounded, healthy, California lifestyle experience.

We understand that each pet and family has unique needs. Our company prides itself in providing the necessary services so you and your pets can thrive. And if you need to go on a trip, we want to you to have peace of mind knowing that our pet sitters will love and care for your pets in the comfort of their own homes.

We welcome all dogs for our services, whether they are socially at ease, shy or if they have fears of other dogs, people or situations. For our own safety, we do not take dogs who are aggressive towards people.

  • Safety first for the animals
  • Strive to meet the unique needs of each client and their pet
  • Honesty and integrity in everything we do
  • Continuous improvement in the services we provide to our customers
  • We invest in our team to minimize turnover and maximize love of your pets

Linda Grunfeld

Canine Companion LA was founded in 2011 by Linda Grunfeld, who left the corporate world after graduating from the University of Maryland, to focus on her passion of helping and working with animals. Linda has owned and cared for cats, dogs, gerbils, hamsters, mice and fish – her entire life. As a young girl, she often brought home stray dogs and cats. In 2002 she and her dog Moto drove across country to settle in California.

Her career shift began when she adopted a dog from North Central Shelter in Los Angeles. Her love for animals led her to look for a harder-to-adopt dog in 2007. Linda searched pet finder for months for a black lab mix before finding one that had been in the shelter for a long time. Lilo soon taught her about his special fears, which helped develop her understanding and skills for working with challenging dogs. These skills soon led to her involvement in fostering dogs for several local rescues in 2008. To date she has fostered and worked with more than 40 dogs that have all been permanently adopted.

Linda’s experience has earned her the respect as a member of Los Angeles area network of dog rescuers and trainers. Her devotion continues to assure that animals receive humane and compassionate treatment. She is a proven pack-leader who provides canine companions with the love & attention they need to interact comfortably with their human and other canine friends.

Canine Companion LA has organically expanded via word of mouth. Her clients tell their friends, hairdressers, co-workers, neighbors and relatives how their pets LOVE their time with the Canine Companion crew. Linda and her staff spend quality time with each and every animal. Clients rest assured that their pets’ needs – however special – are always met. They feel confident their pets get the same love they would give them. The pictures and notes sent keep owners connected, but a wagging tail and a smiling face tell the story!

Alli Dog Walker, Dog Hiker and Pet Sitter

Alli grew up in Denver, Colorado with several pets, the most memorable being her first tabby cat Annabelle, Eleanor the Newfoundland, and Teddy Bear the Poodle ,the smartest, most sensitive dog ever. After living in Australia for a few years, Alli made the big move to LA to be amongst her family.

Moving to LA quickly brought on Alli’s love for pit bulls, and she became an advocate against BSL and other breed restrictive policies. Alli’s also been a volunteer at the East Valley Animal Shelter for years, walking and showing dogs, showing cats, cleaning kennels, and taking photos and making videos. She’s worked with several rescue groups fostering many dogs and kittens.

So why Canine Companion LA? Alli was actually one of CCLA’s original clients since 2013! “I couldn’t feel more secure and happy about how my pets are cared for in my absence. It’s a great team, made of amazing pet care givers that I would love to work with!”

CC Dog Walker and Pet Sitter

dog walkers, pet sitters, cat sitters, pet care, dog hikers, pack hikesCC (aka Carolyn) has loved pets from the time she was very young. While growing up in the rustic area of Mount Washington, seven-year-old CC was granted her very first dog. It was then that she swore an oath of unwavering responsibility to him for life, and she’s taken this attitude of commitment and passion for all pets into her adulthood.

Since her first dog, CC has never lived without at least one pet in her life. She’s had several cats, many large high-energy dogs, and has kept a freshwater aquarium for years.

CC’s love for animals eventually brought her to working at a full-service dog training and boarding facility. While working as a kennel attendant, she went on to complete the Dog Obedience Instructor’s Training at Animal Behavior College in 2016. Here, she also gained experience working in Group Obedience courses.

Today, CC shares her home in North Hollywood with a special-needs Manx cat named Ping and several fish, including an 20+ year old African Catfish. CC feels that every day spent with a dog is a learning experience and loves that Canine Companion LA shares her love of the outdoors as well as many of her philosophies about animal care.

Donna Dog Walker and Pet Sitter

Donna’s childhood family pet was a wild cottontail rabbit named Harvey after the 1950 movie, “Harvey.” She came with her family from Kansas to LA in 1988 and now  lives in Van Nuys with “my girl” Jasmine, a rescue from Rottweiler Rescue of LA. ”She’s my family,” she adds, of Jasmine.

Donna fell into volunteering for Best Friends Animal Society in 2010 when Disney did a promotion offering a free day at Disneyland for a day of volunteering.  Her love for animals grew after that day and she’s been volunteering since.  In 2016 she finished her Emergency Response Training and Pet First Aid and CPR Training.  When she’s not volunteering she enjoys hiking with Jasmine and going to movies with friends.

Why Canine Companion LA? Donna loves being around animals and heard about Canine Companion through a friend. She enjoys enriching dogs’ and cats’ lives while meeting new people who share the same interest – Dogs and Cats!

Erich Dog Walker, Hiker, and Pet Sitter

Erich grew up in Carson City, NV and only moved to LA in June 2018 with an interest in Comedy and Acting and a desire to get into the business side of film in Directing and Producing. Growing up he had a black lab/mutt named Shadow and three cats – Oreo, Smokey, and Edison. He now lives in Valley Village,  with his new kitten named Marie.

In his first month and a half here, he went to the zoo six times. In his words, “because I love feeling connected with the animals, clearing my head, and just walking around.” Erich is a huge hike enthusiast, and loves meeting new people on trails rather than the bar scene. He also love playing baseball and football and going to sports events.  (He doesn’t watch sports on tv, though, because he finds it extremely boring). Lastly, Erich loves getting people to laugh and smile “because the world is meant to be happy.”

Why dog walking, hiking and pet sitting? Erich says, “I absolutely love having dogs in my life; however, right now I do not have a house with a yard and I believe that dogs deserve to be able to run around and play in their backyard. So I will not have a dog until I own a house. Dog walking, hiking, and pet sitting are great ways to get my doggy fix, while also saving up money so that I can have a dog of my own in the future.”


Marie Dog Walker and Dog Hiker

marieWhile Marie was growing up in Normandy, France, her family always had pets, including a female Fox Terrier named Vicky—”spoiled rotten”—and a mixed German shepherd name Faune —”very wild and not sociable at all, even the mailman was afraid of him!”Marie lived in Paris for 12 years as an adult, where she had a poodle named Poncho, and after moving to Los Angeles, she had small Pomeranian named Leo.

Today, she is attached to her friend’s 8-year-old bulldog, Kayos. “I love her dearly,” says Marie.

Marie likes to stay active by hiking, going to the beach and dancing.

Why does she enjoy working with pets? “I truly love animals. Each one is unique and the rewards they give you are priceless.”


Nikki Dog Walker and Pet Sitter

nikkiNikki was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. When their family moved to Northridge, they had a huge backyard and she was finally allowed to get a dog. They got a yellow lab and that’s when her love affair with dogs started! After moving out from her parents’ house, Nikki felt the pains of no longer having her yellow lab with her and decided to mend it by walking and sitting her friends’ and family’s dogs. Eventually, Nikki took her love for dogs a step further by fostering dogs with a Labrador Retriever rescue.

Interestingly enough, Nikki heard of Canine Companion LA through a family member who had regular walking services with the team members at CCLA. She quickly grew to love what the company did: “It was the first time I had seen a company communicate so well with the owner and send photos with each check in. I knew I wanted to be a part of the team!”

Nikki currently lives in Sherman Oaks with her husband and third lab Martin who she first fostered and then adopted.

 Pam Dog Walker 

Pam-and-ChewiePam is originally from Argentina—she came to the U.S. when she was 7, and has lived in the Valley ever since (and considers herself the total Valley Rat).Pam had a poodle when she was in elementary school but since her parents didn’t want any more pets after that, she got her dog fix by volunteering at dog shelters.

Today, Pam lives in Reseda with her boyfriend Filip and Chewie—the best dog ever. He’s a Lhasa Apso mix (the dog, not the boyfriend).

Pam loves art and does her own arts and crafts whenever possible. She has a blog on Tumblr—Pamsplaceofpositivity. In addition, Pam is a Reiki Master/Teacher and breathwork instructor.

She loves dogs and getting exercise outdoors.

Pam was attracted to Canine Companion LA because of its commitment to honest care for four‐legged companions.

Rima Dog Walker and Pet Sitter

RimaRima lives in Mission Hills with her son, two rabbits (Frankie and Zoila) and her American Staffordshire Terrier, Wafia, a rescue.From a very young age, Rima has had a love for animals of all shapes and sizes. Growing up in Glendale, she had rabbits, tortoises, a duck and a pet goldfish named Sam. She began a small dog walking business when she was in Junior High School, and walked neighbors’ dogs during summer breaks and after school.

An avid volunteer at Best Friends Animal Society, Rima has taken courses on Pet CPR/emergency care, dealing with shy dogs, dog training, and behavioral courses.

While she is transitioning to pet care as a profession, Rima is happy to be part of Canine Companion LA.

“I get to do what I am good at, and utilize the tools and training I have received. A lot of the dogs are rescue dogs, and they all have big and different personalities, so there is never a dull moment.”

Samantha Pet Sitter

dog walker, dog hiker, pet sitter, cat sitter, pet care takerSamantha spent most of her childhood in Kentucky where her very first pet Belle (the cutest-ever basset hound puppy) quickly sealed the deal for her obsession of things animals. Alongside Belle, she also had several other pets including guinea pigs, cats, and a German Shepherd mix.

Family and work brought Samantha and her family out to Southern California in 2000. As she grew older, she started working with rescue organizations and started fostering pitbulls and kittens. Her experience working with rescues quickly made her realize that she finds most happiness when being around animals.

Canine Companion LA proved to be a PAWsome fit that matched Samantha’s love for pets: “Canine Companion LA was recommended to me through a friend. I love that CCLA cares for the animals in a professional and loving way. The company is organized and thoughtful, which made me want to be a part of it.”

Samantha currently resides in Granada Hills with her mother, sister, two dogs Romeo and Bear, and four cats Lucky, Jack, Mia, and Quincy. When she’s not at work, she enjoys writing, playing beach volleyball, travelling, and eating.

Sara Dog Walker, Dog Hiker and Pet Sitter

SaraPMilo is the name of a large tabby stray that Sara’s family adopted when they lived in Orange County—and of course her family brought him along when they moved to the suburbs of Chicago when Sara was 6.Milo was just the first of many cats Sara has known and loved. “In Illinois we had Lowell and Otis, both domestic short hairs,” says Sara. “We also had Mr. Kitty who was orange and an inside-outside cat.”

Needless to say, Sara is an animal lover: “I love animals sooo much!” she says. Today she lives in North Hollywood with her sister and 11-year-old gray cat named Grace.

Sara likes to hike and do yoga, and she loves working with Canine Companion LA. “It doesn’t feel like work,” she explains. “It feels like I am getting paid to exercise and play with my friends!” One thing she especially appreciates about Canine Companion LA: “Linda is dedicated and organized.”

Sara looks forward to becoming a dog owner. “I live vicariously through my clients until I can get my own dog one day,” she says.

Senika Dog Walker, Dog Hiker and Pet Sitter 
Dog Walker, Dog Hiker, Orange Cat

Senika had all kinds of pets growing up in Sun Valley, California – a beta fish, a bird, a ferret, lizards, bunnies, five dogs and a few cats. She’s always had an affinity for animals, no matter what kind, although her favorites are mainly dogs. She enjoys exercising and playing with them because it helps them bond which she believes is good for both her and the animals.

Not only does Senika like all kinds of animals, but she likes all kinds of activities as well – drawing, volleyball, singing, shopping, movies, amusement parks, going to the beach, and spending time with family and friends. And she definitely enjoys eating!

What drew Senika to Canine Companion LA? In her own words, “They really care about the clients and their animals. That is their number one priority. They are well organized and prepared. Plus they have amazing people to work with.”

Sofia Dog Walker, Dog Hiker and Pet Sitter 

Sofia grew up in Colorado but moved around a lot. She was born in New York and moved to Holland when she was very young. She then spent 13 years in Colorado, moved to Massachusetts for high school, and studied in Italy through college.   She had always wanted to live in California and moved to Orange County California in 2014 to study Psychology at Chapman University. After completing her BA she moved to LA in August 2018.

Growing up, Sofia had a long-haired Chihuahua named Itchy who she said was not a dog but rather a cat with nine lives! Itchy lived to be about 20 and was “the sweetest little girl.” Sofia built a little reading nook and would dress Itchy up, read to her, and sing to her, which her pet absolutely loved—even in her later years of life.

Sofia now has two dogs named Skye and Wallie. “They are older boys now,” (about 13 and 14) so Sofia is no stranger to working with older dogs and administering medications. She is also an Auntie to a little Tabby cat named, Bodhi James. “He is such a social little babe and loves snuggling and playing with my shoelaces!”

“I believe that we, as humans, have so much to learn from animals and their compassion, loyalty, patience, and companionship.  I know how important it is for parents to know their furry children are not only safe, but loved as well. I know I can give them the unconditional love and attention that they so deserve!” As for Canine Companion, “I absolutely love the pets and other walkers I work with. The team of walkers, hikers, and pet sitters is more like a family where we look after each other and our pets.”